#AzureBacktoSchool 2020 Recap

It is October 1, 2020 and the inaugural Azure Back to School event has come to a close. I thought that this experience was great and was so humbled by the willingness get involvement by members of the cloud community, Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft employees, and social media connections. Everyone was very gracious and willing to do their part to make this event a success. I’m going to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you by name in this post (and on the accompanying video), in order of the date of their contribution. 😉

Richard Hooper, Gregor Suttie, Jurgen Kevelaers, Shabaz Darr, Vaibhav Gujral, Luis Beltran, Neil McLoughlin, Peter De Tender, LaBrina Loving, Vukasin Terzic, Stas Lebedenko, Nick Colyer, Wim Matthyssen, Karel De Winter, Joel Hebert, Ed Baker, Thomas Thornton, Alan Kinane, Sarah Lean, Marco Obinu, Mark Patton, Tiago Costa, Kirk Ryan, Hugo Barona, and Dave Rendon. Twenty-five (25) great contributors providing excellent contributions!

Without your contributions of blog posts or videos (special thanks to Gregor, Peter, Wim, and Hugo for both), this wouldn’t have been possible.

When I planned this event in the late winter/early spring, I was relatively new to the community. I feel that I have made some lasting friendships through this process and look forward to future collaborations within the #CloudFamily.

This will definitely continue next year, so be ready to be asked to contribute again. I have migrated the Azure Back to School page to GitHub pages, but the https://azurebacktoschool.com URL has been redirected there moving forward and we can document this project annually. You can access any of the videos on the playlist on my YouTube channel, subscribe for updates on future videos.

Categories: Cloud Tech

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