Azure Back-to-School project

In the spirit of the #AzureFamily from #AzureAdventCalendar and #AzureSpringClean, I will be continuing the momentum with an end of summer event in September. Reach out to me on Twitter (@DwayneNcloud) or LinkedIn if you’d like to contribute a #AzureBacktoSchool topic, please provide the topic and a preferred date, if you have one. Currently, I have this slotted as a weekday event, but if I get more volunteers than days, I will increase the days and participants per day. So, don’t be shy! 😉

Topics can be anything Azure in a video or blog post. I will create a video channel if anyone needs a place to upload. The daily content will be featured on social media and available at

See Azure Advent Calendar and Azure Spring Clean sites for some great content to help you with ideas and education. Also, stay tuned and follow #AzureFamily for some other great online events happening before September. Including something cool for the hot summer from Skylines Academy to be announced soon.

Full Details and schedule can be found at the Azure Back to School page:

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